Friday, December 11, 2009

is moving art?

My headline is a riff off of the name of a project by my dear friends (and very talented artists), Lauren Usher and Lisa Rasmussen, which you can check out here. Their premise is broad and inclusive and compelling ... mine in this post is blogger-centric and specific, yet I hope not so self-referential that the 2.3 regular readers of my blog fail to find some relevance in it. Anyway, I'm going on a bit without getting to the point, so without further ado, here it is:

In one week or less, I am going to be moving 3,000 miles. Just me. And my cats. And the horse. My stuff and my horse will travel in luxurious fashion, with someone else driving them and doing all the heavy lifting such a move entails. Me ... I will be driving, pulling a small UHaul trailer containing my essentials (coffee maker, futon, computer) and irreplaceables (artwork). My four cats will be in carriers in the back seat. I thought about Lauren and Lisa's Art Cart project and blog ... and I wondered, in my contrarian way ... so if art can be brought to unexpected places by a thing on wheels, and Art is Moving, can the thing on wheels be my vehicle and the very act of moving itself be the art?

This is a question I intend to investigate during the 5 day trip and beyond. Right now, though, I'm overexcited and drinking champagne, so I must go try to calm myself down. More later on specific thoughts as they occur.