Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's my second day at CAA, and all I can think is "beige."

The sessions I've been to have not been so good, leaving me thinking that either 1) this is a way of considering things that is so completely foreign to me that I cannot understand it or 2) academics can suck the life out of anything. So far, out of three sessions that made even the briefest mention of Second Life, I have seen the same two really impossibly annoying and small-minded projects (in my humble opinion) extensively referenced like they were the second coming of Jesus ... although one presenter's style and contextualization suggested her comments were heavily tongue-in-cheek. I have watched otherwise lively and engaging people become stiff and boring behind the podium. I have heard the most exiciting things I know of in art rendered superfluous and dull by rote, bloodless presentations.

Oh well. At least I had a nice lunch today.

Our long-labored-over show "@" has its opening reception in just a few hours. I still need to make a run to the hotel business center to get the curatorial statement printed out, and maybe a few copies made as well, but I think we are basically set ... and if we aren't there is not much I can do. I think a pre-show cocktail is in order.

More later. With photos.

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