Monday, February 23, 2009

Where You "@"?

It's almost time for another meeting with my tribe, aka the College Art Association conference. I'll spend four days surrounded by artists, academics, and artist-academics, plus the usual scary collection of freshly-minted art degree holders looking for work. (I am not freshly minted, but will, in fact, be looking for work.)

However, the most important aspect of CAA for me this year will be New Media Caucus exhibition "@" . This is not just because I have it in my head that I am keenly interested in new media (which you will know if you are one of the 2.3 regular readers of this blog), but also because I am one of the curators. I worked with James Morgan on the Second Life aspect of the show. James is sorta kinda famous in Second Life as the founder of Ars Virtua.

The reception will take place simultaneously in both "real life" and Second Life, as does the show itself.

New Media Caucus Reception: for the Exhibition "@"
9 PM Thursday February 26

real life location:
WM Keck Lecture Hall
Southern California Institute of Architecture
960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

(The building entrance and parking lot are located at 350 Merrick St,
between 4th Street and Traction Avenue.)

Curated by James Morgan, Leslie Raymond, E. Marie Robertson, and Vagner M. Whitehead, with "Analog Interactivity" curated by xtine burrough, plus an SL performance by Second Front and live cinema by Be Johnny and Potter-Belmar Labs

driving instructions

Second Life location:
Arts Virtua Convening Space
Seventh Eye

(NOTE: If you're coming to the reception in SL, you might want to set yourself to log in to home beforehand. The work of Second Front is frequently known to crash sims. And no, I'm not kidding.)

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